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Let’s talk Redfish

Posted on: June 10th, 2017 by Charles (Rip) Vanwinkle

While I’m happy catching just about any species of fish I do have my favorites. The one fish that always pulls on my heartstrings is a Redfish. Now I remember being a kid and going to fish the Little River jetties for a couple hours after school and I would catch 16 or so Reds. Then in my college years I would catch 16 in a year, that’s not for not trying. Regulations have changed, large manhaden boats were removed and sent elsewhere and now our fishery has recovered to the greatness it once was. We target these fish with light tackle using live bait or artificial jigs. We sight cast for them in shallow skinny water where a third of their backs are out of the water while they crawl on their bellies. We look for their iridescent blue tail flopping around as they peck for crabs on a flooded high tide. We’ve also been known to cast a fly rod for a little extra fun. These fish are just so fun to catch and they make incredible table fare. Granted we catch a ton of flounder, speckled sea trout, and black drum, the Redfish reigns supreme for my personal target species. Give us a call at the shop 910-833-2418 and book a 1/2 day or full day charter and let’s see if we can put you on a few of these rod benders.